Rules and Guidelines

Mansfield Business Connections Covenants

1. Non-profit organization comprised of non-competing members for the sole purpose of promoting our individual businesses through the exchange of referrals.

2. Membership is voted on by all members and must be unanimous for approval.

3. Members are required to bring bona-fide referrals and/or visitors to each meeting or pay a $1.00 penalty.

4. Attendance is critical to our group. If a member cannot attend, you may send a substitute to the meeting to avoid an absence. A member is allowed three absences per quarter. Non-compliance will be investigated by the membership committee to ascertain if absences are excused, major medical problem etc., and a recommendation presented to MBC that may include dismissal.

5. Membership dues are $150/ yr. and are non-refundable.

6. Breakfast fee is mandatory, currently $7.00/ wk., paid quarterly. Visitors eat free. Multiple persons from a member firm must pay for additional breakfasts.

7. Visitors may attend two meetings before making formal application
8. Meetings are held on Thursday at 7:00 AM-8:30 AM.

9. Fine of $1.00 if cell phone rings or is answered during meeting.

10. If a member leaves MBC due to job change or retirement, the Leadership Team will have the responsibility to recommend to MBC any possible replacement after conferring with leaving member and his firm. Possible recommendations may include, but are not limited to: A. Leaving member takes a position with another firm in the same classification. B. Members firm provides replacement. C. Profession Classification is vacated until potential replacement is recruited. D. In all cases MBC membership will vote on replacement or change.

11. Elected positions are: President, Treasurer, Rules Chairperson, and Membership Chairperson. Leadership Team consists of President, Vice President, Rules Chairperson and Membership Chairperson.

12. President recruits:Vice President, Education Coordinator, Marketing Chairperson.

13. Elected positions term is one year with elections held first meeting in January.

14. MBC reserves the right to terminate a membership if member becomes non-referable. This should be considered a gross disregard of MBC rules. The Leadership Team is responsible for this process.

15. Only one person from each Profession Classification is permitted to join MBC. The Leadership Team will have the responsibility and final authority relating to classification conflicts. This will be done before an applicant is voted on, eliminating competition as a reason for non-approval.

16. Members are prohibited from advertising, soliciting or in any way offering services or products that compete with other profession classifications with-in MBC. This applies to any part of the MBC meeting, as well as, any advertising specifically related to MBC.